• Kali Musli - Curculigo Orchiodes - Black Musli - Musli Kali - Musali Khand - काली मूसली - Musli Kali - Siyam Musli

Kali Musli - Curculigo Orchiodes - Black Musli - Musli Kali - Musali Khand - काली मूसली - Musli Kali - Siyam Musli

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Form: Raw Herb

Other Names: 

Musli Aswad, Talmalu, Talmuli, Sada Musli, Tallur, Black Musale, Musale noir, Kali musali, Kali Musli, Kali Mushli, Siah Musli, Neltal, Neltathigodde, Nelatale, Nelatelegadde, Curculigo orchioides Gaertn, Kali Musli, Bhuimaddi, Musli Siah, Syah Musli, Hemapuspi, Talamulika, Musli Siah

Recipe – Musli Pak: Ingredients:    Black Musli Powder – 400 gms, White musli powder – 400 gms,   Haritaki powder – 50 gms,   Shatavari powder – 50 gms, Gokshura powder – 50 gms,  Long pepper powder – 50 gms,  Clove – 50 gms, Dates – 50 gms, Raisins – 50 gms, coconut Flakes – 50 gms, Fine cut Almonds – 50 gms, Green Cardamom – 50 gms,    Bay Leaf Powder – 50 gms,Milk – 1 Litre,Sugar – 700 gms, Ghee – 500 gms

Mix White musli and black musli powder in milk, and bring this to a boil. Keep Boiling this milk till it becomes thick and condenses. Now mix ghee and and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Until this mix is of golden brown color, keep stirring it on heat. Prepare sugar syrup of three thread consistency seperately. Mix milk into it and add all other herbs into it one by one and keep stirring. When everything is mixed into it smoothly, then allow it to cool. Make small balls of laddus from it, and keep these laddus in Air Tight Container. Eat this laddu twice daily with Milk. It is not just nutritious and healthy, but a super tasty alternative to our Daily Snacks.

Condition: Authentic, Clean and Sorted

Delivery: Usually Delivered in 3 - 7 Working Days

Quality: Skylife Herbs provides genuine herbs in their original forms. Everything Natural - The way our mother nature intended our foods should be. No Trans-fats, Non GMO, No cooking oils, No Chemicals or Preservatives or Colors or Flavors, Nothing Artificial Added. We take care to clean, sort and process our herbs as per the traditional / machine methods to preserve its natural taste, aroma, color, and freshness while maintaining its effectiveness and quality. Skylife Herbs are full of nutrients, and holds an earthy flavor.

Storage Directions: Keep it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.

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