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Gond Katira - Tragacanth Gum - Kathila Gum - Kathila Gond - Dink Katora - Gaund Kani - गोंद कतीरा- Gum Edible - Gaund - Gondh Katira

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Form: Dried Raw Herb

Other Names: Katheera, Haloosiyaa, Katila, Indian or Country Tragacanth, Gomme Adragante, Cochlospermum gossypium-Gummi, Kutira-Gummi, Katira Gond, Katira, Barugadamara, Cochlospermum gossypium DC, Koon, Katira, Gond Katira

Recipe: Soak one spoon of Gond katira in a bowl of water for overnight. It will be fluffed in volume, and would thicken as a jelly by the morning. Wash this Jelly 3 to 4 times in pure water.

Take a glass and add this Jelly.  Put few Rose Petals in it, and mix. Dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in water and pour over the katira Jelly. Mix it thoroughly. Now add the cold milk on it. Stir and top it with almonds, saffron, and other Dry fruits. Add few Ice Cubes.

A super delicious and refreshing drink is ready. It is not only energizing, but also has invigorating and cooling effect on your body.

You can replace Milk with Water and Lemon too as per your taste.

Condition: Authentic, Clean and Sorted

Delivery: Usually Delivered in 3 - 7 Working Days

Quality: Skylife Herbs provides genuine herbs in their original forms. Everything Natural - The way our mother nature intended our foods should be. No Trans-fats, Non GMO, No cooking oils, No Chemicals or Preservatives or Colors or Flavors, Nothing Artificial Added. We take care to clean, sort and process our herbs as per the traditional / machine methods to preserve its natural taste, aroma, color, and freshness while maintaining its effectiveness and quality.Sky life Herbs are full of nutrients, and holds an earthy flavor.

Storage Directions: Keep it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.

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