• Gokhru Powder - Tribulus Terrestris - Gorkhu - Gokshura Powder - Caltrops Powder - गोखरू - Gokhru Powder - Gokharu Powder

Gokhru Powder - Tribulus Terrestris - Gorkhu - Gokshura Powder - Caltrops Powder - गोखरू - Gokhru Powder - Gokharu Powder

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Form: Dried Raw Herb- Seed Powder

Other Names: perunerunji, pilliyatti, pippilineruncil, pippiliyatti, tarakantikai, tenkattai, tirikatakacceti, tirikatakam, tirikatam, tottaputu, vanacirunkatam, vayirakanikkoti, vayirakarani, vettatiramuli, viramattali, virucalapakkoti, virucalapam, vitattakikacceti, yanai nerunci, yanai nerungil, yanaikkal, yanainerinci, yanaineruncil, yanainerunji, yanaivananki,aane neggilu, aane nerigilu, anenegaligida, aneneggilu, anenegilu, anianeggula, anne-galu-gida, annegalugida, dodda neeranji, dodda neggilu, doddaneggili, doddaneggilu, gonkara mullu, ana-nerinnil, ananerinnil, caca-mullu, kakka-mullu, kakkamullu, kathenerinmil, kattu-nerinjal, kattu-nerinnil, kattunerinjil, kattunerinnil, katunerinjal, nerinnil,enuga-palleru-mullu, enugapallaeru, enugapalleru, enugapalleru mullu, enugapallerumullu, pedda palleru, pedda-palleru, peddapaleru, peddapallaeru, yenugapalleru, yenugu-palleru, bhar-gokharu, gokhura, hatticharatte, karanothia, karonathia, karonta, motegokharu, mothe-gokharu, mothe-gokhru, mothegokharu, moto, selusaran, ubha-gokhru

Condition: Authentic, Clean and Sorted

Delivery: Usually Delivered in 3 - 7 Working Days

Quality: Skylife Herbs provides genuine herbs in their original forms. Everything Natural - The way our mother nature intended our foods should be. No Trans-fats, Non GMO, No cooking oils, No Chemicals or Preservatives or Colors or Flavors, Nothing Artificial Added. We take care to clean, sort and process our herbs as per the traditional / machine methods to preserve its natural taste, aroma, color, and freshness while maintaining its effectiveness and quality. Skylife Herbs are full of nutrients, and holds an earthy flavor.

Storage Directions: Keep it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.

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