• Gajar - Gajar k Beej - Carrot Seed - Gajar Beej - Gajar ka Beej  Gajar Beej

Gajar - Gajar k Beej - Carrot Seed - Gajar Beej - Gajar ka Beej Gajar Beej

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Form: Raw Herb- Seeds

Other Names: 

Jazar, Istufleen, Nahshal, Subaat’iyya, Gajar, Hu luo bo, Carrot, Carotte cultivé , Karotte, Möhre, Gajra, Gajjari, Gazer, Gazaer, Daucus carota Linn, Zardak , Garjara, Shekhamulama

Condition: Authentic, Clean and Sorted.These seeds are suitable for edible and medicinal purpose. These are not good for cultivation purpose, and may not germinate well as these are not treated with any chemical or preservative.

Delivery: Usually Delivered in 3 - 7 Working Days

Quality: Skylife Herbs provides genuine herbs in their original forms. Everything Natural - The way our mother nature intended our foods should be. No Trans-fats, Non GMO, No cooking oils, No Chemicals or Preservatives or Colors or Flavors, Nothing Artificial Added. We take care to clean, sort and process our herbs as per the traditional / machine methods to preserve its natural taste, aroma, color, and freshness while maintaining its effectiveness and quality. Skylife Herbs are full of nutrients, and holds an earthy flavor.

Storage Directions: Keep it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.

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